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Woodwork for Cushman Floor
Using 19 mm x 44 mm stock timber

This size of stock material is available from some DIY stores, some others stock a 18 mm x 44 timber and a version of this frame using it is available on the alternate page.

19 mm parts for Cushman floor A minor complication is the need to cope with two sizes of entrance block that are in common use.

The blind borings are best made using a drilling jig and a pillar drill that incorporates a depth stop. (This will cope with both 18 mm and 19 mm thicknesses.) The 4 mm drill bit should be ground to cut like a "slot drill" so as to give a flat bottom to the boring. If such facilities do not exist a 4 mm "lip and spur" drill can be re ground to produce a recess that is shaped like the cross section shown in drawing below.

Drilling Shape

It is hoped that there is enough information here, and on the associated pages, to enable home manufacture of at least the wooden components. There is no copyright attached to this design and any person or company may manufacture it for personal or business use, providing that due mention is made of the origin of the design.

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