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BBKA... British Beekeepers Association

The British Beekeepers Association represents beekeepers in dealings with the Government in the UK.


The BBKA is really an association of associations, but with individual members who may or may not be members of a local BKA.

The BBKA largely represents beekeepers in England, but there are some BKA's in other parts of the U.K. that are also members. Anybody can become an individual member of BBKA, wherever they live in the world.

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British Beekeepers Association, National Beekeeping Centre
National Agricultural Association
Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth
Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ
phone: 02476 696679     fax: 02476 690682

I get many queries from people who are interested in finding out more about beekeeping, in particular they ask for information on what local beekeeping associations exist close to them. The BBKA has a page that lists those beekeeping associations that are affiliated to the BBKA, but unfortunately they do not list BKAs that are not affiliated, so if you feel that the nearest one is rather far from where you live, then there may well be a BKA available that just happens not to be affiliated. The sensible thing is to do a websearch and see what you find. 

If you join a BKA that isn't affilliated to the BBKA you may be losing benefits that BBKA members enjoy, but check up first, as some non-BBKA affilliated BKAs are well organised.

Access to certain areas of the BBKA website is limited for non-BBKA members. If you are a BBKA member it is easy to log-on. All you need is your membership number that is on your membership card.

There is a lot of information on the BBKA website, or links to other resources. There is also a well run Discussion Forum where you can ask questions and post answers. It is well moderated and there is no chance of being abused by arrogant and abusive people that you get on some fora.

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