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Supporting Beekeeping Projects in Developing Countries

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Bees Abroad have no particular stance on the countries that they work in, their concern is in working where extreme poverty can be alleviated.

Because their resources are very limited they try to focus their efforts where they will have most impact. Their speciality is working with new grass roots beekeeping organisations that need very hands on input into their projects. They work with the various groups in order to help them work out how to solve their own problems, how to put in place honey marketing schemes and help to develop local training.

Bees Abroad also fund this work until the project is either sustainable from honey sales or is capable of accessing more formal aid agency funding.

Bees Abroad never give hives, but they do give training on how to make for themselves such items as:- hives, bee suits, smokers and training on how to operate the hives and to how manage the colonies that they contain.

Pamela Gregory has been working in conjunction with the BBKA and between them they have developed a special African Standard Basic Beekeeping Examination which is equivalent to the UK beekeeping basic examination, it is hoped that this will become properly accredited when the BBKA themselves achieve Qualifications and Curriculum Authority accreditation. This is also available (in theory) for people who wanted to teach people in developing countries about beekeeping (e.g. VSO).

Bees Abroad work closely with Bees for Development and the two groups are currently looking at ways that they can further integrate their operations.

Written... 05, 06 February 2005, Amended... 16 February 2005,

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