Cell Space Blocks
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Cell Plug Blocks and Cellspace

One of the problems that I have encountered in the past has been the placing of, and space for, queen cells that are due for imminent emergence. Another of these problems arises due to several incompatible versions of cell plug boxes and commercial artificial cell cups, wax cellcups, cell punches and the like.

I made an attempt to unify all of these systems and at the same time provide a capsule of space, in a suitable position within the hive, so that a virgin in a queencell or pre-released virgins in artificial cells can be placed in it for emergence. The same bits and pieces can be utilised for the re-introduction of instrumentally inseminated queens.

The system illustrated below is a means of combining these aims.

Cell Space Dimensions Blanking Plug
Cell Space Blanking Plug

The blanking plug is in place whenever there is no active cell block in use.

Cell space with Blanker showing Bee Space

Cellspace with blanking plug showing bee space (shown vivid pink) all around the blanking plug.

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