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Dear Idea Drone Frame

The idea for this item came from a Leicestershire beekeeper who wanted to try it in conjunction with drone sacrificing to reduce varroa numbers. His name was Chris Dear... I was a beekeeping equipment manufacturer at the time and I made a few for him to try, While I was making his, I made a few extra ones so that I could also try them in my own bee management.

I sold several hundreds of these, but I have had little feedback from others as to how useful they were.

They really came into their own in conjunction with the Frakno Thymol frame... and the method of use will be featured on this page later.

Chris Dear's drone frame

The components making up this device are:-

a 22 mm wide topbar,
two x 38 mm wide Hoffman side bars,
two x Manley style bottom bars,
a mid bar that is effectively another topbar with the lugs cut off
and two 3 mm thick plywood panels to blank off the space formed by using a piece of shallow drone foundation.