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Events - Help for organisers

This page is intended to help those who are arranging beekeeping events. This could be anything from a local to a national or international event and include lectures, workshops and demonstrations.

On the top left there is a list of lecturers and demonstrators who have agreed to be included and information on organising the event itself.

You will need to satisfy yourself the person you wish to invite is a good choice. You will need to do a bit of research, but this could be by recommendation from someone you trust. Don't forget that different people have different views on speakers, depending on their own knowledge and what they expect to get out of the event. Just because someone has lectured at a large national event, doesn't mean they are good. I'm often disappointed with some of the speakers I hear at larger events and sometimes wonder if the organiser has heard them. Don't forget if you book a poor lecturer or demonstrator, it could reflect on you.