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Floating Candles that Dave Cushman used to make

If I was still in business I would be offering these floating candles for sale, if I get time I will describe their manufacture on this page and at the same time I will make a few and fill in the blanks in the table.

Beeswax Candles burn with a bright, clean and fragrant flame.

Candle DescriptionWeight gmHeight mmWidth mmBurn TimeCode
Small Floater14,,unknown?SMFL
Floating Flower12,,unknown?FLFL
Hemispherical Floater50,,unknown?HMFL50
Faceted Floater100,,unknown?FDFL100

The moulds used for these candles were:-

Floating Flower

Silicone rubber mould No. 776

Hemispherical floater

The mould for this is a stainless steel 'ice cream sundae' dish that has a hole drilled in it's centre. The interior is highly polished and the inside of the foot is also polished and forms the mould for the 'small floater'. The mould is filled whilst standing on an electronic kitchen scale, pouring is stopped at 50 grams additional weight.

Faceted floater

This is another sort of stainless steel dish, but filled with 100 grams of wax.