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Herring Foundation Press... Original Leaflet

The credit for this information goes to John Burgess who painstakingly re-typed it, including all the original use of Capitals and other oddities of grammar! (Because his original copy of the leaflet was too poor to scan.)

John reports that the cell size is 5.6 mm... which agrees with the set of plates that I own, John also mentions that the blue plastic strip is a clip across the short side to hold the two sheets in alignment. The version that I have has a black clip and my plates are 233 mm wide by 490 mm long which is adequate for making 'Deep' foundation, but a little too narrow for 14" x 12" type foundation.


Make foundation on the MONO in the usual way, trimming only the lower edge allowing you to stack in a pile ready for your Roller Wax Press, SP78.

Make up release agent in the usual way, 4 cc Stergene per gallon (sample container holds 8 cc) but this time use warm water to soften the Wax, about 95 f.

Using a Wringer.

With the Two plastic dies facing each other and the Two holes at the same end place a sheet of single sided foundation between them, dip in warm release agent to slightly soften the Wax then put through a Wringer (rubber rollers). Open up the dies and peel off the double sided foundation, trim to size required.

Using a Garden Roller.

If however you are unable to obtain a Wringer, you can use a Garden roller or the like, but to get the required effect leave the Blue plastic strip in place and increase the temperature of the release agent to offset the lack of pressure being applied.

To Make Deep Foundation.

Take your previously made single sided MONO foundation ensuring that it is thoroughly dry, place Two sheets side by side on a piece of Paper overlapping them slightly to form a join, if necessary warm with a Hair dryer then press down the seam with the Fingers, This joined sheet can now be made double sided as previously described above, and any miss matching of pattern when joining will be reformed into one uninterrupted sheet.


If the Wax does not form on both sides, the release agent is too cold and therefore should be warmed slightly.
Should the Wax stick to the die and tear when peeled off, the release agent is too hot.

The MONO foundation maker and SP78 Roller Wax press are both designed and produced by:-

H.T.Herring & Son,
14, Severn Gdns,
Hampshire, RG23 7AT

It should be noted that Mr Herring died some years ago and that manufacture of this equipment ceased at that time. However they do appear, from time to time, in sales of secondhand beekeeping equipment.

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