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Beekeeping Lecturers List

This list of speakers and demonstrators should help beekeeping event organisers to arrange their programmes.

This list contains speakers and demonstrators who have indicated they are prepared to be included. It is intended that all will be suitable for local BKA meetings and some for national events. The ability of those included has not been scrutinised and the fact they are here does not imply recommendation.

This list will be added to when I am notified of a request to be included, or there is a recommendation. This list will only grow if I am given names by beekeepers.

Even though the speaker may not live in your area there may be other opportunities, such as several BKAs organising a succession of events, the speaker arranging a few days away or staying with a friend or relative in your area.

I reserve the right to include or exclude anybody for whatever reason and no discussion will be entered into.

For help in arranging a speaker and organising an event please use the "Arranging Speakers" button on the left at the top of the page.

Name Location Contact Subjects
Geoff Critchley Flintshire   email Most topics of practical beekeeping from a Master Beekeeper
Ian Homer Dorset   email A wide variety of topics from a former Regional Bee Inspector
Ruth Homer Dorset   email A range of titles including properties of honey and microscopy
Roger Patterson Sussex   email Mainly on practical subjects that help beekeepers keep their bees better. Includes management methods, swarm management, colony increase, bee improvement/queen rearing, etc. Email for latest list of lectures and workshops. Varying lengths from 1 hour - 1 day.
Gerry Collins Yorkshire   email Email for extensive topic list. Retired biology lecturer, BBKA examiner, NDB, Masterbeekeeper, Honey judge, 50+years experience