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Beekeeping Advertisements From Old Magazines And Books

As a past member of the beekeeping supplies trade, I have an interest in the way beekeeping appliances are marketed, as well as how bees and beekeeping are promoted and publicised. These beekeeping adverts are just a few examples.

This advert appeared in the June 1971 edition of Bee Craft, the tone of the advert reflects the fact that the previous month the magazine had wrongly reported that the Taylors company was going out of business.

The following appology was printed on the page facing the advertisement.

Taylors of Welwyn

Bee Craft deeply regrets that in last month's issue it published in an article misinformation regarding the appliance firm Taylors of Welwyn, and which referred to their "demise". We are informed that the firm is not going out of business either now or in the foreseeable future, and readers may rest assured that they will continue to get the service which has been associated with this name for so many years.

This journal has always had the most happy relationship with mssrs. Taylors, who have advertised with us throughout our history. In offering our appologies to them we gladly retract the statement made by our contributor.

Mr. Ken Stevens writes: "As the writer reffered to above, I completely associaste myself with the comments of the editor, and also wish to express my appologies to Messrs. Taylor."

  Taylors advert from 1971

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