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Perizin, a coumaphos (coumafos) based varroa treatment (Original Leaflet In German)

This product is not registered for use in the U.K.

General note on chemicals: I do not endorse or advise on chemical treatments, as I am not qualified to do so and there may be dangers beyond my control. New products may be introduced or existing ones withdrawn, so it is difficult to keep up with current information on a website such as this. As many of the chemical pages were generated by Dave Cushman, I am leaving the content mainly as left by Dave for historical purposes only, which may mean information is out of date and unreliable. The user should seek guidance from other sources and satisfy themselves regarding safety and legality. Roger Patterson.

The area of this page that is white in colour represents a facsimile of the original German language leaflet, that was provided with a 10 ml bottle of Perizin concentrate. The English version has additional information that has been gleaned from many other sources. and should be considered in addition to this page.

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Perizin in die Quetschflasche geben und mit Wasser verdünnen:
10 ml Perizin für 500 ml gebrauchs-
fertige Emulsion

  contents of bottle being emptied into applicator base unit   1b 

bzw. 1 ml pro 50 ml gebrauchs-
fertige Emulsion

  small doses of concentrate applied using an eye dropper into applicator base unit

Dosierbecher, Steigroh und Ausfröhrchen in der gezeigten Weise zusA. m. melliferaenstecken...

  nozzle and feed stalk being assembled to applicator tank unit   3 

... und fest auf die Quetschflasche aufschrauben.
Anschliessend gut schütteln.

  tank unit being screwed to applicator base unit

Die für die Behandlung eines Volkes benötigte gebrauchsfertige Emulsion (s. Gebrauchsinformation) durch ZusA. m. melliferaendrücken der Quetschflasche in den Dosierbecher bringen.

  liquid from base unit is forced into upper storage tank by squeezing   5 

Gebrauchsfertige Emulsion gleichmässig entlang der besetzen Wabengassen auf die Bienen verteilen.

  dose being poured along seams of bees

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Originally written by Dave Cushman. Edited and additions by Roger Patterson.

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Page updated 12/12/2022


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