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This is how they describe themselves...

"The Royal Society, the UK's national academy of science, is at the cutting edge of scientific progress. The Royal Society supports many of the United Kingdom's top young scientists, engineers and technologists, it influences science policy, it debates scientific issues with the public and much more. It is a an independent, charitable body which derives its authoritative status from its 1400 Fellows and Foreign Members."

There are numerous strands of activity covered by The Royal Society and these are reflected in diverse publications and papers. I am fascinated by many aspects of science and can roam for hours within this site and the site of The Royal Institution.

The Online Journals section of the Royal Society website has a search facility that has helped me to find all sorts of papers on biology and biological processes, which in turn have helped me to understand honey bees more effectively.  
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In order that you may use the facilities to the fullest possible it is necessary to register, but this is an easy procedure and there is no charge. I recommend this website to any beekeeper that is studying for beekeeping examinations or just for interest.

The Royal Society is not a beekeeping organisation, but it has many elements that help beekeepers to understand biological processes that occur in honey bee biology. By searching for mechanisms known in honey bees it is often possible to find similar mechanisms in other species. Such information may not be directly relevant, but it helps to build up the 'whole picture' and research in other species may point the way for future research in apis species.

Written... 07, 09 February 2005,

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