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Safety Symbols Used on this Website.
Plus a few that are not represented on other pages

These are not presented in any particular order or in any particular size relationship. They have been gathered together on this page with appropriate textual explanations. The intent is general explanation... Because there is a basic lack of information available on this subject and the information provided by many professional bodies is of extremely poor quality. This page is not intended as a definitive list, in fact the symbols represented come from several different systems. The main thrust of this website is beekeeping related and I find that many beekeepers have a less than average knowledge of this subject and so I have generated this guide to raise awareness as the use of chemicals and drugs is becoming more commonplace in beekeeping.

The tiny symbol at right is an attempt to re-create the symbol for corrosive substances on a 16 pixel x 16 pixel grid that is used for Favicons. This symbol has been used in the bottom right hand corner of pages that deal with various chemicals, some of these are not actually corrosive, but should be treated with as much respect as if they are corrosive.

  corrosive icon used on this website

The small flammability warning at immediate right was lifted by scanning a packet of Folbex VA and then creating a bitmap trace, which was subsequently turned into a .gif for use on the Folbex VA page.

Highly Flammable warning, Safety symbol Flammable Safety Symbol Flammable warning Label, Safety symbol

There are cases, particularly when goods are transported by lorry, whereby the materials being transported fall into several different categories... In this case, or if no specific symbol exists then the generalised 'DANGER' sign is used.

The striped diamond is another generalised symbol. I am not sure whether the precise nature of the hazard is intended to be printed in the empty white space.

Miscellaneous Danger, Safety symbol Generalised 'DANGER' Safety Symbol

When I was producing the page about the product Apiguard I drew the small 'IRRITANT' symbol shown at right to mimic the one on the Apiguard packet. The larger one has it's cross smaller within the square and more boldly drawn (this one was picked up off the net). The same symbol exists with the legend 'Harmful' and I believe also, 'Harmful To Bees' or even 'Harmful To Bees And Fish'.

'Irritant' warning logo, Safety symbol 'Irritant' warning logo, Safety symbol 'Harmful' warning logo, Safety symbol

The yellow and black striped adhesive tape is sometimes called 'Hazard tape' and I have also know it to be called 'Lane Marking tape'. It can be used to denote obstacles and means 'caution/physical hazard'. There are also tapes with similar stripes, but of different colours, Black and White indicates traffic lanes or aisle markings. Red and White is used for fire equipment and often forms a border to a red painted area on a wall on to which a fire extinguisher is hung. Green and White serves a similar function, but indicates first aid or safety washing stations.

Hazard tape

Some substances react badly to contact with water and can cause fires or explosions, metallic potassium being quite spectacular! as it splits the oxygen from the hydrogen in the water and the heat generated in the violent reaction causes ignition of the hydrogen which combines with atmospheric oxygen to form more water and potassium hydroxide. (Or at least that's what my 'memory' of school chemistry reckons.)

Dangerous when wet, Safety symbol

Hard hats, face masks,eye protection and ear protection must be worn' symbols have a blue background... The colour represented here is an approximation by myself as I have seen both lighter and darker blues used for such notices. (Maybe the lighter ones were faded, but they appeared to be even in colour and I would have expected fading to be patchy.)

Eye protection must be worn, Safety symbol Ear protection must be worn, Safety symbol Safety helmets must be worn, Safety symbol Face masks must be worn, Safety symbol

Welding masks, lifejackets and high visibility clothing are mandated by this set of signs, the hand washing warning may not be universal, although the symbol depicted is easily identified.

Welding Masks, Safety symbol Lifejackets must be worn, Safety symbol High visibility clothing must be worn, Safety symbol Dermatitis warning, Safety symbol

These Flammability warnings are fairly obvious, Percieved Improvement to Flammable Solid Warning Label, Safety symbol but I would have liked to see the text against a white paneled background on the 'Flammable Solid' diamond as the inset shows (which to my mind makes it much more readable).

Flammable Liquid, Safety symbol Flammable Solid, Safety symbol Spontaneously combustible, Safety symbol

The two triangular signs are respectively a general warning... 'Exclamation Mark' and the warning road sign for 'men working'. The aspect ratio of these triangular symbols has been adjusted because pixels are 'square'. The men working symbol is used in places on this website to signify 'work in progress'.

General warning, Be aware!, Lookout!, Vorsicht!, Safety symbol Men working, Safety symbol

These 'Emergency' signs have a green background. The green colour does not seem consistent from one example to another.

  Fire Exit, Safety symbol Emergency Telephone, Safety symbol First Aid Box, Safety symbol Emergency Exit, Safety symbol

Various samples of the 'Corrosive' symbol can be found, but they all follow a similar graphic theme.

  Corrosive, Safety symbol Corrosive, Safety symbol Corrosive, Safety symbol Simplified Corrosive Safety symbol

Radiation of various types have warning symbols that are visually descriptive of the radiation type depicted.

  Radioactivity diamond shaped Safety symbol Radioactivity, Safety symbol Laser Radiation, Safety symbol Non Ionising Radiation, Safety symbol

These symbols are backed up by text. The round signs are mandatory and failure to observe them can lead to the dismissal of employees.

  Wear Safety Boots, Safety symbol Hand protection must be worn, Safety symbol

The zig-zag flash is used for electrical warnings, sometimes with specific voltages mentioned. Other signs have both graphic and textual information in a similar fashion.

Elevated Temperatures, Safety symbol Danger Low Temperatures, Safety symbol Danger Guard Dogs, Safety symbol Danger 415 volts, Safety symbol

I have never understood the significance or symbolism that is used in the motif that indicates a 'Biological Hazard, Safety symbol'

Biohazard, Safety symbol Infectious Materials, Safety symbol Biological Hazard, Safety symbol

Symbols indicating the explosive nature of a compound or product

  Bomb like, Explosive Warning symbol Explosive Safety symbol Explosive Safety symbol

Environmental symbol jazzed up to use as a website logo The brightly coloured 'Environmental Hazard' symbol was found being used as a logo on one of the websites that I researched in order to locate other symbols for this page. Apart from the 'T' I have never understood the significance of the 'Toxic' symbol.

Dangerous for the environment, Safety symbol Environmental Hazard, Safety symbol Toxic Safety symbol Marine Pollutant, Safety symbol

The storage of chemicals in separate locations to foodstuffs should be evident to anyone who has ever smelt the inside of a cupboard that has held something as innocuous as clothes washing powder.

  Carcinogenic Substance, Safety symbol Stow away from foodstuffs, Safety symbol

Poison and poisonous have long been indicated by the scull and crossed bones symbol, the smallest version at immediate right was generated to indicate the danger of possible viruses in downloaded files on the Computing Area

  Jolly Roger Poison, Safety symbol Poison Safety symbol Poison Safety symbol Danger Poison Safety symbol

Oxidising deserves a symbol all of its own, which combines the 'O' of oxygen with the flames of 'flammable'.

0xidising, Safety symbol Oxidising Safety symbol Organic Peroxide Safety symbol

The 'Reactive'symbol is not self evident or particularly memorable (in my opinion).

Reactive, Safety symbol

These warning labels are all associated with gasses or airborne particles. The representation of the metallic pressure bottle or cylinder indicates that the gasses concerned are compressed to a high pressure.

  Inhalation Hazard, Safety symbol Flammable Gas, Safety symbol Non-Flammable Gas warning Label, Safety symbol Poison Gas warning Label, Safety symbol

The 'No Smoking' and 'No Pedestrians' symbols are rather like road signs. The 'Fork lift trucks operating' sign was found in my 'Temp' files folder and is included here rather than throw it away.

Fork lift trucks operating, Safety symbol No Smoking, No Naked Light, Safety symbol No Pedestrians Safety symbol

Circular saw, guards must be in place, Safety symbol Bee Exiting, Warning symbol, original photo... Ettamarie Peterson Bee Crossing, Warning symbol This Bee Crossing warning symbol, may seem trivial, but has considerable importance in some flat terrains that have pollinating bees, flying in large numbers at low levels. The Bee Exiting symbol is used by Ettamarie Peterson as a warning that bees from an observation hive are coming out nearby, note that it is a bumble bee depicted. The circular saw warning sign specifies that all guards should be in position, something that some of my beekeeping friends as well as myself should adhere to more often.

unfit for children younger than 3 years old This one comes from the Nethelands... It means (in relation to toys) unfit for this age range (the range is fixed by law).

I am endebted to"Swiss Dave" for producing his .gifs which have formed the starting point for some of the illustrations on this page.

Dave Cushman.

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