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Showing Candles At Honey Shows

Making candles has long been associated with keeping bees, but winning prizes at honey shows requires a professional approach.

The first hurdle is reading the schedule and adhering to every letter of what it says. No matter how good it looks... If it is a moulded candle then it will not win a prize in a class for "candles produced by dipping".

The wax that you use must be pure and free of debris, but not so over-refined that it loses it's smell.

Colour may be specified in the schedule, but whether it is or not, your three candles must be identical in colour and that colour must be one that naturally occurs in beeswax. Sometimes a particular crop may influence the colour (sainfoin comes to mind) although such colours may be strong, the clarity of the wax still shows and so you cannot use it to cover up defective or discoloured wax.

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