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Articles And Papers Written By Susan Cobey

Susan teaches courses on "The Art of Queen Rearing", "Instrumental Insemination and Bee Breeding" and "Advanced Instruction Instrumental Insemination".

Sue Cobey and her New World Carniolans Susan Cobey needs no introduction, her knowledge and expertise in Instrumental Insemination precede her, she is well known and respected as a high quality lecturer. Sue is the main lecturer at the Gormanston Summer School for 2008.

Bee breeder and geneticist Susan Cobey, leads the bee breeding program at the Harry H. Laidlaw Jr. Honey Bee Biology Research Facility at UC Davis. Her job is to ensure that queen bee breeding programs thrive and bees 'literally be all they can be'.

Over the last 25 years, Susan Cobey has taught researchers and beekeepers from Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, France, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, China, India, United Kingdom, England, New Zealand. Korea, Israel, Egypt, Kuwait, and Nigeria. By invitation, Sue has also taught in Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Egypt and South Africa.

Susan Cobey says... "Controlled mating is the basic foundation of all stock improvement programs."

There is a review of Sue's latest Instrumental Insemination DVD by Dr. Christina Grozinger, that can be accessed on this link. (On 17-12-14 this video appeared to be updated and on Susan's website that can be accessed by the button on the top left. Roger Patterson.)


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