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Uniting Honey Bees Using Flour

Drilled coffee jar lid, photo...Dave Cushman One of the things that I carry in the various kit boxes that live in the back of my van is a flour dredger made from an old coffee jar with the lid drilled many hundreds of times (1 mm drill bit on 2.54 mm square matrix).

Strip Board, photo...Dave Cushman The dimensions need some explaining... I am (or was) by profession an electronic design engineer. One of the materials used for prototyping electronic circuits is a "strip board" that has holes 1 mm diameter every 1/10" and I used a piece of this material as a drilling jig to perforate my coffee jar lid. The Jar, lid and strip board are all shown here.

  Coffee jar flour dredger, photo...Dave Cushman

In order to help keep the flour from becoming damp, add a few dried peas or grains of rice to the shaker.

If I wish to unite two nuclei of roughly equal strength. Providing that I wish the bees to sort out which queen they want to head the final colony. I merely take out one frame from each box alternately and give each side of each frame a generous dusting of flour and then place in the new brood box.

I have actually achieved several things in this process:-

This is an old method that was described in many of the old books. I have never seen it used and never done it myself, as there are other ways of achieving the same thing. R.P.

Dave Cushman.

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