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Veterinary Medicines And Treatments Used On Honey Bees

Beekeepers come under the heading of 'Keepers of Food-Producing Species', the white panel below gives information provided by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate. As of October 2006 all beekeepers in UK are required to keep proper records of all treatments administered to bees.



Keepers of Food-Producing Species

The owner or keeper of food-producing animals is responsible for keeping proof of purchase of all veterinary medicinal products acquired for those animals. The following must also be recorded at the time of purchase:


  • name of the product; and the batch number;
  • date of each purchase of a veterinary medicinal product;
  • quantity purchased;
  • withdrawal period;
  • name and address of the supplier;

At the time of administration the following must also be recorded:

  • name of the product;
  • date of administration;
  • quantity administered;
  • the withdrawal period;
  • identification of the animals treated;

If the product is disposed of, other than by treating an animal, following must be recorded

  • the date of disposal;
  • the quantity of product involved;
  • how and where it was disposed;

It is the owners responsibility to complete the record with all information requested.

All records and proof of purchase must be kept for at least five years following the administration or disposal of the product, even if the animals concerned have been slaughtered or have died during that period.



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