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Setting up Internet Explorer

Your browser is your window on the HTML world... Your enjoyment of this virtual world is affected by the way that you organise your browser settings. If you have poor vision, then you should consider the need for new spectacles or you may need to set the "text size" of your browser (View, Text size... The medium setting is the default.) or perhaps you should use the high contrast option (Control Panel, Accessibility Options, Display, Settings for high contrast).

One problem that often occurs, but is rarely noticed, is that you are viewing a locally cached file of the same name that is less up to date than the one at the remote server on the internet. This problem shows up when an error has been made on a page, you report the error and you receive an Email saying that the problem has been fixed... You re-visit the page and you still see the original error. Because your computer had cached the page or file it used the cached version rather than fetch the document from the server, thus saving time.

Clearing out unwanted cached pages
Right click on the Internet Explorer Icon, then left click on "properties", select the "general" tab, within the box called "temporary internet files" select "Delete Files" and click "OK". Move to "clear history" section, select "Clear History" and click "OK", depending on your version you will either be returned to the desktop or will need to click "OK" again to do so.

Removing Cookies
Click "Start" Find... Files or folders. Then in the "Named" box... Type COOKIES, ensure that "my computer" is selected in the "look in" box or browse to it if it is not, then click on "Find".

Block delete all cookies, except the few that end in .dat (usually two or three, situated at the end). Lastly reboot your computer.

Settings for printing
Much Printer ink and time is wasted when printing web pages, by allowing the background to be printed... Select "tools", Internet options and then the "advanced" tab, scroll down to "Print background colours and images" and uncheck the box, Click "OK".

These instructions are given in good faith, however I accept no responsibility for any accidents or errors that may occur whilst they are being followed.

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