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Hardware Modifications
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Computers are complex devices, but do not let this put you off from making some upgrades yourself. The complexity is in the overall schematic of the machine, but it is broken down into Boards, cards, modules and drives which are 'manageable' chunks.

Antistatic precautions should be taken, although they are often not required. However 'better safe than sorry' is the motto here. For simplicity you will need an earthing wristband and connecting wire... These are obtainable at places like 'Maplins' or 'Radio Shack'.

The tools required are few, indeed I have performed 'major surgery' on PCs with nothing more than a pocket knife that was equipped with a screwdriver blade. It is useful to have the following tools available...
Phillips screwdriver No 2 size, conventional screwdriver with blade 6 mm wide, Wire cutters (scissors will suffice, they are not for cutting wire, but for snipping plastic cable ties), a pair of tweezers is useful for picking up screws that may be dropped while handling.

A few plastic cable ties may be useful for tidying up the wiring, but electrical insulating tape or even sellotape can be pressed into service. Be aware that if such adhesive tapes are used they may make the wires sticky and this may make them difficult to rework if this is required in the future.

It is essential for your own safety as well as the safety of your machine to disconnect it from the power source and remove connections to any 'uninterruptible power supplies' that may be fitted, it is also wise to remove telephone connections from the wall jack or socket.

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Any instructions given here are given in good faith, but I cannot be held responsible for any damage or failures that may occur as a result of their being followed.

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Written... 24 February 2003, New Domain... 14 November 2003,

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