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Dave Cushman's Attempt to Restart the Burrough Darts League

50 St. Peters Street

For the attention of whoever would organise a Wednesday Dart Team

Dear sir

Firstly let me introduce myself, I am Dave Cushman and currently I am Secretary/Treasurer of the 1990 Pétanque League. I am writing to you now to try to establish some degree of support for the re-vitalising and expansion of the "Burrough & District Darts League", which used to be a very popular league in your area, but has been in decline for a number of years.

The original popularity of the Burrough League was partly due to it's format of play, which was 8 men per team, with each person playing his (or her) opponent 3 legs 301 up, start and finish on a double. Overall result being 1 point per leg thus giving rise to a win, lose or draw situation. One of the other reasons for it's popularity was that it was a country league organised by village people for village people.

Some years ago the format of play was altered due to one of the annual general meetings being "hi-jacked" by a group of players who were more at home with city standards of play. Whilst playing in the Burrough league has still been a pleasing experience, the level of support has not only dwindled, but it's centre of interest has moved from the Burrough area to the Syston area.

On the 19th of May this year there will be a meeting to decide the future of the Burrough League. I am seeking support for the following proposals which I believe will bring it back to a thriving and more enjoyable night out.


  1. In deference to changing times and trade in country pubs I recommend six players per team.

  2. The format of play to be individual players playing 3 legs 301 start and finish on a double. One point to be awarded per leg won.

  3. An old fashioned 'beer leg' to be played at the end of the match with six members of the team playing a team game of 801 start and finish on a double.

  4. If a team ends up with less than it's full complement of players (due to shift work etc.) then substitution of bystanders would be allowed.

  5. Teams would be registered, but individual players would not be registered thus allowing the flexibility required under proposal 4.

  6. A registration fee of £25.00 per team would be required, but this would cover entry into singles and pairs competitions and cup competitions.

  7. No weekly levy would be charged.

  8. An individual points competition would be run as per current practice.

  9. Playing night to be Wednesday, but teams would be able to re-arrange fixtures to suit other events, such re-arrangements to be mutually agreed between captains concerned without requirement of committee approval.

  10. Starting time to be 8.30 PM with a deadline for forfeiture of the game being 9.00 PM.

  11. The league to seek member teams from an area bounded by a circle of 13 mile radius centered on Ashby Folville.

  12. League organisation and administration to be based on the structure of the 1990 Pétanque League.

The above is only a proposal, but I believe strongly that such a league would gain in interest, (like The 1990 Pétanque League has), rather than decline. However please don't leave it up to myself and a few others:-

PLEASE send a representative along to the meeting.

ON 19th May 1993

8.00PM for 8.30PM start

AT.... The Greek Plough         East Goscote

If you are in agreement with the above proposals or have any ideas of your own that you think would be of benefit to the situation please contact the writer as soon as possible. The more feedback that I get from this letter the more I will be able to judge whether or not my efforts are worthwhile. I am also prepared to act as a advocate for any other ideas that fall broadly into line with what I am trying to achieve.

Thank You for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours sincerely

D. A. Cushman

The exact wording of the letter may have been slightly different as I have prepared the above from a draft copy that has various corrections on it.

When the Burrough League folded I repeated the mail shot (which I sent to every pub in the 13 mile radius circle) for a new meeting, that was promulgated for 20th June 1993, but I only received one reply. The exercise cost me £173.00 in postage, it was not the waste of money that made me sad, but the lack of enthusiasm of my fellow dart players.

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