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Water/Steam Injection
of internal combustion engines

I worked for some time at a company that manufactured racing cars. I was employed as an electrical/electronic design engineer, whilst I was in Sheffield organising an electrical overhaul and upgrade to the diesel generator system at a hospital, I met a diesel engine fitter that was a spare time racing mechanic. This chap was extremely enthusiastic about water injection and fired me with the desire to try it. I ran a couple of very thirsty, highly tuned Jaguars at the time and was attracted by possible improved fuel economy.

The system that I concocted was based on what I had been told, but in keeping with design engineers worldwide, I adapted the original design somewhat.

Part of reason for this was engine size, The 3.8 litre Jaguar "S" type engine had a considerably larger appetite for fuel/air mixture than the Ford Cortina that was the prototype. And another part of the reason would have been my arrogance, as a young, innovative engineer - I wanted to put my "stamp" on the project.

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Written... 26 August 2001, Revised... 07 February 2002, Revised... 06 July 2003, New Domain 14 November 2003,

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