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The 1990 Pétanque Leage

Year 2003 Cup Fixtures for the 1990 Pétanque League

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The white panel contains the information that is published on page 14 of the 2003 Fixtures/Rules book.


1990 Pétanque League    Draw for the preliminary round of the League Cup

Playing date... Wednesday 28th May
(or before by prior arrangement... See rule 12.2)

White Hart 'F'vBlue Lion 'B'*
The ForgersvFox Raiders*
Le Railway 'A'vFox Hunters '2'*
Royal OakvAsfordby Amateurs 'A'*
Black Horse 'Val'vThree Crowns 'A'*
Blue Lion 'D'vBlack Horse 'B'
Queen Vic '1'vForge 'A'
Woodies '1'vCheney Lancers
Bad ApplesvHorse & Groom
Lindens LeftoversvWoodies 'III'
Fox Hunters '1'vMenaces
O B H 'Z'vLe Railway 'B'
Bush OwlsvThe Fox Hunters
Rose & CrownvTrap 'B'R
Free Trade 'B'vApple Pips
Woodies 'II'vHare & Hounds 'B'
Anchor StarboardvGolden Fleece
Railway BuffersvAnchor Port
Free Trade 'C'vRailway Sleepers
The BulletsvThree Crowns 'B'
Trap 'A'vWoodies All Stars
Blue Lion 'C'vBrookside Drakes
The TopvBlue Lion 'S'
Hare & Hounds 'A'vBlue Bell Ringers
Asfordby Amateurs 'B'vQueen Vic '2'
Blue Bell PeelersvFree Trade 'D'
Bush FalconsvWhite Hart 'P'X

Note *
The winners of these matches have byes in the first round of the cup and the losers of these matches have byes in the first round of the Plate Competition.

Note R
This match was originally drawn out with the Trap 'B' at home, but as there are only two pistes at 'The Trap' the fixture has been reversed.

Note X
This match was originally drawn out with the White Hart 'P' at home, as there are only two pistes at 'The White Hart' and there are four at the 'Bull and Bush' the fixture has been reversed.

Captains are reminded... That in the event of a dead tie... (2 - 2, 43 - 43), an extra end must be played by the leg finishing last, to produce a definite result (see Rule 20.c)

A Result Card is required from each team. Posted at such time as to reach the   fixtures secretary   (NOTE... Not the Competitions organiser) Within 72 hours of the designated match date. (BEFORE 19:30 Hrs. on Saturday 31st May)

Losers of this preliminary round are reminded that losing is not the end of this competition as losing in this round gives automatic entry into the 'Plate Competition'

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