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Understanding Bee Anatomy

Website and videos by Dr Ian Stell

The anatomy of the honey bee is one area of beekeeping that many beekeepers avoid. I believe the reason is because it usually seems to be rather complicated. I have to admit that although as an engineer I am keen to find out how things work, I have found many of the lectures I have heard over the years have been delivered in ways that are difficult for me to understand.

I was delighted to find a website that contained a number of videos that explained anatomy in a very clear way. Obviously you can stop and repeat a video, that is a bit more difficult to do with a speaker. The website is called "Understanding Bee Anatomy", which goes with a book of the same name. These are by Dr Ian Stell, who became a Master Beekeeper in 2010. The button on the top left links directly to the website.

I think this is a tremendous resource for beekeepers and I thoroughly recommend it.

Roger Patterson.