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Links to Beekeeping Subjects, Methods and Techniques

This index should help visitors quickly find the topic they are looking for. As far as possible, items will be under the most appropriate heading, but there may be instances where a topic may be under two or more headings.

Not all topics will be accessible from here, because it is difficult to categorise some, or they may be of a very specialised interest, with few, if any, associated topics. For a fuller list try the A-Z Index.

These Links are not in any order and are either individual pages or sometimes whole suites of pages.

Feeding Bees
Beekeeping Charities
Skep Beekeeping
Comb Honey
Swarms and Swarming
Online Discussion
Honey and Beeswax Extractors
Honey Production
Beekeeper's Medical Problems
Events. Help for Organisers
Help for BKA Organisers
Using Hive Products
Anatomy of the Honey Bee
Beeswax and its Uses
Equipment Suppliers

Apex Enterprises
Links to Other Websites
Beekeeping Qualifications
Beekeeping Events
Native Bees Apis mellifera mellifera
Hive Securing Methods
Comb and Foundation
Biology of the Honey Bee
Bee Types
British Standard Hives and Frames
Non B.S. Beehives
Beekeeping Tools
Frames and Spacing
Special or Unusual Frames

Polystyrene (Poly) Hives
Traps and Trapping
Chemical Treatments
Queens - Index
Queen Cells - Index
Honey Bee Genetics
Hive Design Parameters
Uniting Bees
Behaviour in Honey Bees
Candle Making
Bee Improvement
Hive Maintenance
Requeening a Colony

Queen Rearing - Index
Education for Beekeepers
Beekeepers - Past and Present
Hints and Tips
Queen Problems
Clearer or Escape Boards
Making Beekeeping Kit
Instrumental Insemination
Bee Diseases and Afflictions
Colony Increase
Bee Breeding

Dave Cushman before me and myself taking over this website from him have tried to give sound information. We may promote certain aspects of beekeeping, but please do not accept them as 'the definitive standard' - there isn't one. As experienced beekeepers, we have formed our opinions and modified our ideas constantly in the light of experience and new thinking. This is through observation and logic, not simply by recycling what is in books, as many do. We freely pass on our knowledge, in the hope it will prevent other beekeepers making mistakes, which may be the ones we made.

Please study the material that is here and accept or reject it according to the way it aligns with your own ideas. This is what progress is all about. The more that established thinking is challenged and discussed, the more we will all ultimately know.

Roger Patterson.

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