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Beekeeping Meetings and Events

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There are many events throughout the beekeeping calendar. These vary from the local BKA to international events. All of them should add to your learning, but make sure that what you learn fits in with your management system. If not, then perhaps you can modify what you learn, or your own system to suit.

Local BKA events can often be the most suitable, as they have presumably been organised by people who know your conditions and situation. If not, then have a word with your organiser - they often need feedback.

If there is a larger event, such as a county, national or international event, then have a look at the programme to see if the content suits you. There is no point attending if you are going to waste a day.

The bars top left should take you to some events, although if organisers make good use of it, all events should be on "beekeeping.events", so there should only be one place for the beekeeper to access event information.

Roger Patterson.

Page created 2014

Page updated 20/11/2020