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Beekeeping Qualifications

for U.K. and Ireland

The links on the left will take you to the correct page on the appropriate website. All the information you require should be there. For further information please contact the relevant organisation directly.

The vast majority of beekeepers have no interest in taking exams, but the facilities are there for those who do and I support them if that's what they want to do. In my view the reading of a syllabus will give the average beekeeper a reasonable idea of what to study. You can still study without taking an examination and I hope the relevant BKAs will support their material being used in that way, as it is contributing to the overall knowledge of beekeepers.

My approach to teaching is to give beginners a firm grounding in handling a colony, which I think is very important as everyone has to do it, then teach the "basics" which are needed to understand what is happening in a colony. This will allow the beginner to deal with most problems they will encounter and to do it safely with the utmost regard for the welfare of the bees. This should put the potential candidate in a good position in order to take their first exam or assessment if that is what they want to do.

Once the preliminary or basic assessment is out of the way study can be done for the next stages. All potential candidates should be aware of what is needed for their exams and be well prepared for them. I am not an exam type person, but I am close to those who are. Although names are never mentioned for obvious reasons there is often a pattern to failure, which should be understood. The whole purpose in taking an exam is to pass it, so attention to detail is important. One common reason for failure is that candidates aren't ready. This is often caused by trying to take an exam a year or two before they have the experience or knowledge to do so.

A great deal of tuition is done by local BKAs, some of these also host assessments or examinations. A good BKA will make sure their members will have the utmost support to study for exams and may even invest in books and equipment to help them.

There is a framework diagram for the BBKA examinations and some past papers. There may be similar for others too.

Roger Patterson.

Page created 16/12/2015

Page updated 27/11/2022