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Help for Beekeeping Association Officials

Some useful information for local BKA officers

Local beekeeping associations are run by volunteers, many of whom are probably not trained for the role they perform. That comment is not intended to discredit them, because we have all come across the secretary or treasurer who has been kind enough to take on a position, because better qualified people have declined to do it. Far from criticising these people, I think we should applaud them and give them what help we can.

This facility is intended to give guidance only, it is not intended to tell you what to do. Over the years I have filled the main posts of President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, as well as several other positions for a specific purpose. I have not been trained for any of them, but used my initiative, followed what others did and sought advice where needed. Each BKA is different, with different resources and different personnel. Any suggestions found here may have to be modified to suit your own circumstances.

The success of a local BKA is often determined by the efficiency and personality of the administrators. I hope this facility will he useful, but it would be helpful if information can be supplied by others. If you have a good point or suggestion please Email me. That way this facility will grow and we can help each other for the good of beekeeping generally.

Roger Patterson.

Page created 09/12/2017

Page updated 25/11/2022