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APEX Enterprises,
(That Dave Cushman Used To Be The Proprietor Of)

                       Which was a manufacturing business situated in Leicester.

Prior to forming APEX enterprises I worked as a project leader in an Electrical Engineering firm (BPG Engineering Co Ltd).

I also worked as a freelance Photographer, in addition I supplemented my income by manufacturing and selling darts accessories to various public houses and other darts players.

I have had several other small businesses named APEX enterprises, including:- Printing, darts accessory manufacture and supply, trophies, trophy components, Custom Built Electronic Equipment, Beehives, Beekeeping Equipment, Mechanical Engineering and ammunition manufacture.

Apex Enterprises was involved in the manufacture of:-

Custom Built Electronic Equipment
(mainly machine control gear for the food and knitting industries)

Darts Accessories

Trophies and Trophy Components

Beehives and Beekeeping Equipment

There were several connections between the different strands of my business... My main qualifications are in electrical and electronic engineering... (The business was first conducted as Radio and Television repairs from home, when aged 14.)

I played darts to a pretty high standard. I have qualifications as a silversmith and my passionate hobby is beekeeping.

We were a small outfit... usually about 3 or 4 full time employees with one or two part timers. We had a diverse set of skills between us that made us very flexible.

The business went bankrupt in 1995 mainly due to expanding too quickly during a recession.

APEX Enterprises Logo


The logo, which is depicted to the left was always strongly emblazoned on the front cover of our price list (a few snippets from which are here). We manufactured a vast range of beekeeping equipment, all of which we manufactured to very high standards. Some of these Items were unique to our company, particularly... There were many items useful for bee breeding. A great many items to suit Top Bee Space National Equipment were also available. We would also make "special" items to our customer's designs and wishes.

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