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Tinplate Adaptor Jointers Leaflet, produced by Apex Enterprises

These devices were an unusual, but useful product. Page 7 of the 1994/95 APEX catalogue lists two entries... code 852-020 Narrow 19mm, per packet of 10 @ £0.59 and code 852-030 Wide 22mm also in packs of 10 and the same price. They were '#' items which meant a particularly keen price.

The white panel is a fairly accurate rendition of the original A4 sized leaflet, but as it was produced using Amstrad PCW type computers that have non square pixels, a drawing board and photocopying methods, it is not easy to duplicate the exact typefaces and spacing without resorting to rather large pure image formats. The result is sufficiently close to the original for recognition as the layout and style are close to the original.

PLEASE NOTE!  These items are manufactured from recycled tinplate and as such may not look very pretty, but we are sure that your bees will not mind. Whilst no great amount of natural resources will be saved by this small token of conservation, the principle, we feel, is correct.

They are intended for use in adding adaptor portions to existing frames. Examples:- converting shallow brood frames to deep or converting standard brood frames for use in 14" x 12" brood chambers. They also prove very useful in repairing frames both on the bench and for some of those 'in the field' emergencies.
Sketch from original Apex Enterprises leaflet for inclusion in tinplate adaptor jointers packets

Use 3/4" (19mm) gimp pins or any similar nail that has a flat round head
scrape all parts to remove propolis before performing the jointing operation (the bees will re-propolise the finished joint adding to it's strength) When pushing the gimp pins in it will be necessary to rest the side bars against something solid. With a little experience it is possible to perform this operation on frames containing brood using the rim of a brood box as a temporary workbench.

Adaptor frames are available 3" deep (75mm) to convert shallow brood frames for use in a standard brood chamber. Or, 3 1/2" deep to enable standard 8 1/2" brood frames to be brought into service in a 14" x 12" brood chamber or as a means of transferring bees and brood from a standard brood to 14" x 12".

Suitable adaptor frames are available from APEX Enterprises

Please consult our pricelist for details

The rear surface of the leaflet also has a label printed on it in such a fashion as the label shows when the leaflet is folded for insertion in the polythene bag along with the adaptors and a packet of 40 gimp pins. The label is shown below left and it's position on the back of the leaflet is shown below right along with the fold lines. (This illustration is from the "Z" springs packet, but the positioning was identical.)

label for "Z" spring packet label position and fold lines for rear of leaflet

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