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"Z" Spring Leaflet, produced by Apex Enterprises

The white panel is a fairly accurate facsimile of the original A4 sized leaflet, but as it was produced using Amstrad PCW type computers that have non square pixels, a drawing board and photocopying, it is not easy to duplicate the exact typefaces and spacing without resorting to rather large, bandwidth consuming, pure image formats. The result is sufficiently close to the original for recognition as the layout and style are close to the original.

The kit for each pair consists of: 2 x Stainless S shaped springs.
4 x Large headed screws
4 x Small headed screws
Each packet will also contain this leaflet

The large headed screws are used as hinge pins and latches, so that the spring will not be lost by overriding the screw head. The small headed screws are used for the latching points, the small heads allow the spring to pass between the screws when the lower screws are in use.

The two central latch positions are required so that framed queen excluder may be accommodated.

Always fit the springs with the hinge screw on the left as you look at the box side, this consistency pays dividends, all parts are totally interchangeable. You may not think that this is important, and when only a few hives are being dealt with the importance may not readily be seen, but we can assure you that when you are dealing with thousands of hive parts it becomes very important indeed.

All our own hive parts have these spring clips fitted, they prove useful for moving bees, they also hold hives together even after being tipped over by vandals, our stands and roofs are also fitted with these clips which proves of great benefit when transporting empty kit from site to site.

Sketch from original Apex Enterprises leaflet for inclusion in "Z" spring packets

The rear surface of the leaflet also has a label printed on it in such a fashion as the label shows when the leaflet is folded for insertion in the polythene bag along with the springs and screws. The label is shown below left and it's position on the back of the leaflet is shown below right along with the fold lines.

label for "Z" spring packet label position and fold lines for rear of leaflet

I am endebted to Steve Szucik for providing me with the paper copy that this page has been produced from.

These Items can be obtained from the Appliance Trade .