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Genetics of the Honey Bee

Mention of the word  'genetics'  turns many beekeepers off ! But as a non biologist who is nuts about honey bees, I had to do some research for myself and learn from scratch.

The learning process is not that bad as there comes a point where all of a sudden you start to understand some of what is being said by others.

Genetics in honey bees is complicated by multiple mating and haplo-diploidy, DNA analysis techniques help us to understand the history behind the bee races that we have today.

This subject is made easier by a couple of books...

Elements of Genetics with special reference to the bee (1981). J. Mesquida.

Available from BIBBA. Several people who have taken the BBKA modules have told me this book has explained genetics much better than any others. R.P.

Background to Bee Breeding by John. Atkinson.

Available from NBB.

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