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Instrumental Insemination of Queen Bees

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Instrumental insemination is a great aid to those who are serious bee breeders. It is used for the maintenance and improvement of bloodlines, not to produce mated queens for general honey production colonies. I have come across several people who have bought Instrumental Insemination equipment without having been on a course on how to use it. There is a lot of equipment dotted around the country that has hardly been used. For some strange reason the owners don't seem to want to sell it. There are many who seem to think it is the answer to the problems of poor queen performance that has been seen in the early years of the 21st century, but it isn't.

There are many individuals, or groups of beekeepers, who successfully use instrumental insemination as part of a bee breeding programme, but in general most of their queens are open mated.

Dave Cushman was enthusiastic about instrumental insemination and, as a practical man with a fertile mind, designed and made many instrument parts to help cut costs or improve the process, some of which can be accessed here.

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Instrumental Insemination
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Semen Storage - Short Term
CO2 Delivery
CO2 Dosing
Semen Viability
LED Illuminators

Instrumental Insemination Tip Cleaning
Comparison of conventional & Tweezer methods
Thoughts on Tubular Perforated Sting Hooks
Combined Queen holder & Hook
Semen in 130 microlitre Batches
Instrumental Insemination Methods
Reintroduction of Inseminated Queens

Making II Tips
II Tip Shapes
Illuminated Tips
Glass Vials
Insulin Syringes
Multi Dose Saline Driver
Electric Saline Pump
Ruby Jewel Sting Hook
Gormanston Tweezer
Drop Machine

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Instrumental Insemination Resources
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