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Swarming in Honey Bees

An essential part of their existence

This page is an index for all pages connected with swarming.

Swarming is often considered simply as colony reproduction, but there is an alternative view.

Depending on whether you are a beekeeper or a member of the non-beekeeping public, your views may vary from a swarm being a minor nuisance to it being perceived as a threat.

For the benefit of non-beekeepers, honey bees are not normally aggressive, but occasionally they may become defensive. They are equipped with a sting to defend their home and themselves and they can be provoked into using it. However, they are normally very gentle creatures, especially when swarming.

If you are not a beekeeper, but would like to know more about honey bees and swarming, then look on the Bees and Swarms page.

Roger Patterson.

Page created 01/01/2017

Page updated 18/11/2022