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Swarm Boxes, for various beekeeping manipulations

These have been developed by various people to fulfill several different roles in beekeeping and bee breeding. The particular examples that I have built myself were never intended to be compatible with each other, but in compiling this set of pages I have brought all the dimensions and styling into one common base design that can be built incorporating whichever features attract you personally. The act of swarm collecting using devices of this degree of sophistication will attract a professional respect by the general public to the beekeeper concerned, as the effect as seen by the untrained eye, borders on the magical.

The Swarm Collecting Box has many features that make life easier when collecting swarms of bees. The design departs a little from British Standard dimensions. If you are using a different size of frame then you will need to adjust the dimensions quoted to take this into account.

The Marburg Swarm Box allows the separation of old and young bees. This is of great help when stocking mating nucs.

Alternative Lids offer some features that are useful for various different operations in queen rearing.

Storage of these swarm boxes and spare lids can be a problem, as they only in use for a small portion of the beekeeping year. I tend to store inert items that are the same size as frames in these boxes, but do not be tempted to store fully drawn used comb in them... Otherwise you will rapidly find out what damage can be caused by wax moths.

Dave Cushman.

Page created Autumn 2000

Page updated 17/11/2022