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Using Hive Products

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Most beekeepers only make use of honey as a hive product, very often discarding or wasting others. There are other products of the hive that can be both useful and profitable, very often creating another beekeeping interest for the beekeeper, friends and family.

All hive products need some sort of processing, from simple filtering to making into something else with the addition of some sort of non-bee derived substance. They may be marketed or given as presents, in which case packaging and labelling may be needed. Some hive products may be entered into a honey show.

This page is intended to give insight into the various stages of converting your hive products into saleable items or prizewinning show entries.

Marketing ideas are also discussed (this is a subject most beekeepers shy away from, possibly because of possible regulations.)

The "Honey in Cookery" button takes you to a page that specialises in honey as an ingredient in cooking. There is information and links to recipes.

Originally written by Dave Cushman. Edited by Roger Patterson.

Page created July/2001

Page updated 15/12/2018