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Beekeeping Tools

An Index of useful tools

Various items that a beekeeper should have available to enable safe and easy manipulation of bees and for the modification and construction of beekeeping equipment.

Some standard tools are listed that have been used for perhaps unusual purposes connected with beekeeping that were not intended by the original designer.

The gimp pin removing tool started life as a pair of delicate wire cutters that are normally used for electronc assembly work, but when they became broken I found another use for them.

The various tools in the beekeeper's tool box are similar to other tradesmen's and some domestic tools, but some have developed over many years until they have become distinct and specialist types. However, things like the bee smoker and the hive tool are specific to beekeeping and were designed specifically for the purpose.

Tools need to be kept in good order, clean and corrosion free. "Clean" in beekeeping terms means sterile as well. Any sharp edges should be honed regularly.

A bread saw can be useful... I learned this trick from one of our UK bee inspectors. It is good for freeing up frames that have excessive brace comb and I have used it to slice up wild comb into chunks that will then fit into frames. I have several of these and have also found them useful for uncapping sealed honey.

There are many other tools that can be used or modified to help in our beekeeping.

Originally written by Dave Cushman. Edited by Roger Patterson.

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