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De-Burring tool, originally intended for sheet metal

A type of tool commonly used for removing the sharp edges or burrs that occur on sheet metal components, that Dave Cushman has used in modifying plastic tubs, bottles and flower pots for beekeeping purposes.

A de-burring tool that has general uses as well as beekeeping ones, this tool is included as I have used one when making devices from plastic containers... In particular a type of wasp trap that was described by David Heaf. I have also used the tool concerned to finish the edges of plant pot rims that have been cut for the purpose of transplanting honey bee eggs.

The de-burring tool I have was made by the Noga company, their web site is linked above and their pages are very descriptive of how such tools can be used. It was not expensive and has lasted well, my tool has had a good deal of use and is still in good order, it came with a selection of bits that are ground and shaped slightly differently and are intended for use on various materials. The spare bits are stored inside the handle.

Noga de-burring tool and spare bits

Dave Cushman.

Page created 27 September 2006

 Written... 27 September 2006,
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