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Frame Groove Cleaning Tool
for cleaning wax and propolis from frame grooves

Drawing of Groove Cleaning Tool This version was designed by myself about 1980.

A standard handle such as a file handle will be suitable.

The tip itself...

Groove Tool Tip The material is a high carbon content steel wire 3 mm in diameter. (Mine came from a ball bearing manufacturer.)

Bend to shape at red heat, using a gas torch, vice and pliers.

Grind cutting edges on a grindstone, but not so sharp as the tip will "jag" in use or dig into the wood grain. Once the tip has worn a little you will find it a very quick and easy method as the blunt edge 'skates' on the wood surface in the bottom of the groove.

Another thing that helps this groove cleaning operation, is a cool or cold ambient temperature. A frosty winter's day does have some uses in beekeeping!

Items similar to this are available from appliance dealers. R.P.

Dave Cushman.

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