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Fasteners for Making Beekeeping Equipment

In bygone days, bee hives were made of straw and held together with split cane or briar. But we now use wooden boxes of many types to act as homes for our charges.

Various methods have been used in history to fabricate beehives, but our modern hives are mainly made of wood so we have used hammer and nails to assemble them.

Previously nails were cheaper than screws and could be knocked in quicker than a pilot hole and clearance hole could be drilled to accept a screw.

This has changed, in recent times, as mass produced screws are now similar prices to nails and we have many sorts of electric drills and electric screwdrivers to drill the holes and drive the screws. In addition we have Special drilling tools available that can drill multiple diameter holes with countersinking or counter boring included.

The toggle fastener is used to secure the lids of swarm collecting boxes and travelling boxes.

The adhesives that we have at our disposal are of many types and are mainly much superior to those of the past.

Wire gate latches can secure roofs against the wind and smaller hook like latches can be used on various special frames

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