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Feeding Honey Bees

There are several different reasons for feeding

The feeding of bees is a subject that is sometimes hotly debated, but some confuse the nutritive properties that honey has as far as humans are concerned, with the actual needs of the bees and it's desirability for them.

It should be remembered that honey is a "winter survival resource" for bees and not their normal diet. Bees ingest nectar as their main food and nectar is mainly sucrose without the added "bits and pieces" that occur in honey. Judgment is often clouded by statements regarding the nutritive properties and "wholesomeness" of honey, when in reality it is akin to the sailors "hard tack" rations.

Honey is the viscosity and concentration that it is purely because it would not survive without fermenting. If it were more dilute it could not be stored long term.

Comprehensive details of many types of feeder, either commercially available or home manufactured are available via the "Feeder Types" link on the list at left.

The Ambrosia link gives details of both Ambrosia invert syrup and Ambrosia fondant paste, which have been designed to be fed to bees with as close a mix of sugars as natural nectar.

Originally written by Dave Cushman. Edited by Roger Patterson.

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