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Atomiser Pump for Medicating Honey Bees

Atomiser Pump, Complete Equipment... Photo:- Brian Cramp

General note on chemicals: I do not endorse or advise on chemical treatments, as I am not qualified to do so and there may be dangers beyond my control. New products may be introduced or existing ones withdrawn, so it is difficult to keep up with current information on a website such as this. As many of the chemical pages were generated by Dave Cushman, I am leaving the content mainly as left by Dave for historical purposes only, which may mean information is out of date and unreliable. The user should seek guidance from other sources and satisfy themselves regarding safety and legality. Roger Patterson.

The Atomiser Pump shown on this page is for dosing Honey Bees with chemical treatments, mainly for varroa infestation, that are in dilute liquid form.

The nozzle is flattened and broadened so that it may be inserted into the hive entrance.

The high pressure needed is provided by a pump that is powered by a small petrol engine. The unit is small and portable, being built in a tubular cradle which enables it to be readily carried from hive to hive within the apiary.

Atomiser Pump, Close up view... Photo:- Brian Cramp

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