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Dol Strips produced in the Czech Republic
Single fumigation strip

Burn Strips, more properly called... smouldering strips, these are known as 'Dol' strips as they are produced in the Czech Republic by The Bee Institute at Dol. They are for the fumigation of beehives with chemicals that are evaporated by the smouldering action of the strips. The strips themselves are 25 mm wide, 90 mm long and 0.65 mm thick. (illustrated left)

packaging of fumigation strips

The strips are packed in quantities of 50 and are packed in a polythene bag as the right hand picture shows. A fold of card is stapled over the folded top end of the bag. This card has details on the rear that are similar to the white paneled illustration below. The pictures on the Czech version are in black and white, the coloured ones are due to a bit of my artistic licence, but mimic the originals.

The strips are impregnated with an oxygen producing chemical and they smoulder in a repeatable and controlled manner, at a temperature that is suitable for the evaporation of the chemicals concerned.

Smouldering strips
for fumigation of hives

It is possible to dribble various medicaments on the strips for the varroasis control ( keep the instruction about doses as given in the individual medicaments instruction sheet ).

Fire is set on the lower edge of strips.
Strips are to be hung inside the hive in a vertical position.

Contents 50 Pcs

Bee Research Institute Dol
CS 252 66 Libcice n. V., Czech Republic
tel=fax (42 2) 685 75 85

Medicate the strip Set fire to the strip Place smouldering strip in 40 mm space at the side of the hive Entrance blocked for one hour, between 8:00 pm & 9:00 pm

The text in the above panel has been adjusted for an English speaking readership, but some of the quaint translation has been left to give the 'flavour' of the original. The strips must only smoulder, if they flare up they must be blown out.