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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
About Honey Bees And Bee Keeping

Many Beekeepers, beekeeping associations or educational establishments have written FAQs that are intended to guide beginners or just to answer questions that may arise about bees and beekeeping.

I have taken a selection of them (there are many more) and listed them in the menu at left. In being selective I have avoided duplication, wherever possible, so that the group as a whole is reasonably representative of beekeeping more or less anywhere in the world.

People who take up beekeeping do so for various different reasons... The most common of these is to harvest honey, but some individuals study the bees themselves and their behaviour. This secondary reason is the case for a surprising percentage of beekeepers and there are also those who value beeswax as a main crop, I also know of one person that took up keeping bees as a means to trap pollen for sprinkling on their breakfast cereal.

The yellow "A-Z" button at top right of the page (and every other page on this website) leads you to an alphabetic index that covers thousands of individual subjects within beekeeping, should you require more detail on any particular topic.


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