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Bee Improvement - Advanced

Honey bee improvement for the advanced beekeeper

The principles of bee improvement are the same whatever methods you use, or what depth you wish to study them to. To avoid repetition, it is suggested the "Basic" information is read, even if you require more than a few queens and you wish to use more advanced methods.

Dave Cushman was very keen on bee breeding and much of his original material is available by clicking the buttons on the top left.

If you have just progressed from the basic level, I suggest you learn all the various methods and try to understand them before deciding which to use. Some may appear very complicated, but in my opinion, they may need a reasonable amount of study, so don't give up too soon. I think it's important to think carefully about what you use and stick to it. My advice is to learn one method well before moving on to another. That way you can still try them all, but you can always fall back on something you know works.

Roger Patterson.

Page created 11/06/2013

Page updated 31/12/2022