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A few from various places

This list includes amateur and commercial beekeepers. They are a small number of those available, some being what Dave Cushman thought were worthy of visiting. I have made a few additions. They are not in any order, with some being quite small, others much larger. This page will have additions when I come across new websites that are informative and a bit different, but I won't overdo it, otherwise I may have a regular supply of broken links to sort out!

Richard Jackman is an English beekeeper from Worcestershire. He is a keen queen breeder using native bees Apis mellifera mellifera.

Hood's took over the bees of W.W. Smith.

Stephen Clackson lives on Sanday, Orkney. He specialises in translating German texts and heraldry.

Andrew Lane keeps bees in the Yorkshire Pennines. This is a fun website called "Queens, Beans and Curiosities". There is information about beekeeping and allotmenteering, including unusual recipes.

Deryck Johnson is a long standing Essex beekeeper who had instruction from Ted Hooper and Clive de Bruyn. In turn he now teaches others.

Jonathan Brookhouse has kept bees since the 1970s. He currently runs "Two Brooks Bees", based in Surrey. He is committed to selecting and rearing varroa resilient bees. Jonathan has designed some useful items to help beekeepers, that together with bees and queens can be purchased from the online shop.

Allen Dick is a retired Alberta commercial beekeeper with a wealth of information and a detailed "diary".

Gilles Fert is a French beekeeper.

Michael Bush has a tremendous American website. There is loads of good sound information.

Joe Latshaw is an instrumental inseminator, II equipment designer and commercial bee breeder.

Randy Oliver runs about 1000 colonies in the U.S. His website is mainly scientific.

Kirk Webster has an interesting website that explains his approach to working directly with bees. In particular his treatment free approach to varroa. He comes from Vermont.

Mike Palmer is a commercial beekeeper from Vermont. He runs about 1000 colonies.

Bjorn Apiaries is a honey bee business run by Mike Thomas in south central Pennsylvania. He has an IPM approach that he claims gives a better, stronger genetic pool. Have a rummage around this website, where you will find a lot of good and interesting information.

Pete Chrisbacher is a beekeeper from Pennsylvania. This website is dedicated to displaying George Imirie's "Pink Pages" online. These are monthly newsletters that were published over some time, apparently a decade or more. They are American, but for the reasonably experience beekeeper there is a lot of sound information.

Roger Patterson.

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