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BIBBA Conference 2016

The conference for all beekeepers

20 - 22 September 2016. The Isle of Man.


Villa Marina, Douglas, Isle of Man.

A little about the conference:-

This will be on similar lines to the highly successful 2014 conference that was held in Llangollen.

There will be two lecture streams, one concentrating on bee improvement, bee breeding, queen rearing and the management of native and near native honey bees, the other on general beekeeping that will include practical and scientific topics. There will be something of interest for all beekeepers, whatever their experience or interests. What you can be certain of is there will be a great variety of good sound speakers, some of whom you may have never heard before.

The conference is open to everyone, not only BIBBA members.

A little about the Isle of Man:-

The Isle of Man is a lovely island, that is easier to get to than you may think and well worth exploring. The conference gives attendees an opportunity to have an extended stay. The Isle of Man at first thought may appear difficult to get to, but if you make enquiries I think you will find it is very accessible. I can probably get there cheaper and quicker from Sussex than I can if I drive to Exeter, Wrexham, Dundee or Durham.

For information:-

For further information and to book go to the BIBBA website.

Roger Patterson.