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B. J. Engineering

BJ Engineering is no longer in existence. BJ Eng was owned by Brian Pedley, who I had many discussion with when he had a stand at an event, usually the BBKA Spring Convention. As we were both engineers we often chatted about how to make things. The parts that were made by BJ Engineering are now supplied by Brian's nephew Nick Pedley, who runs Bee Hive Bits, operating from a different address. I understand the tooling for all parts previously made by BJ Eng is still in existence, so all items are still available if required.

Brian Pedley passed away at the age of 76 on October 2nd 2015.

This page will be retained for historical purposes only. R.P.

BJ Engineering leaflet

Their leaflet is shown at left and there are other items listed on it's rear surface.

They manufacture... queen excluder grid, castellated spacers, frame runners, mouse guards, galvanised metal roof covers, wedge lock slides, plastic national frames, smoker components, comb cutters, honey creamer, metal ends, plastic ends, porter bee escapes, cone escapes and are prepared to consider 'special' items providing the quantities involved are viable. The drone excluder grids (DRONEX) to enable control of drones for mating and insemination have been made by this company.

This is not an advertisement... If you wish to know more you must contact them yourself.

Callers at their premises need to make an appointment...

B. J. Engineering
Unit 2, Worcester Enterprise Centre
Shrub Hill Trading Estate
Shrub Hill Road
Worcester, WR4 9FG
Phone or Fax   01905 29517
Mobile   077 104 01827

The man to speak to,
or address your correspondence to is... Brian Pedley.
I have known Brian personally for many years. D.A.C. (Please see note at the top of the page).