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Cassette Sections

Comb honey produced in a plastic tray

Cassette sections are a system that uses plastic trays or boxes, with the base of the cell moulded into the plastic tray, then coated in beeswax to give the bees a good start. Cassette sections are designed for use on Langstroth hives, so their use is confined to countries where they are the hive of choice. There are currently two types "Bee o pac" and "Hogg", the former fitting in a standard super, the latter needing a modification to the super by way of a supplied kit. There are currently no manufacturers websites, so if you wish to explore their use, you will need to search for a supplier. Cassette sections are expensive, but apparently bees take readily to them, although presumably are more successful in a good nectar flow.

I'm told that cassette sections are becoming popular with beekeepers because they are easy to use, you simply clean the wax and propolis off the outside of the box, place the supplied lid on and label. You replace the filled sections with fresh ones for the bees to fill. Cassette sections are apparently popular with consumers because there is no midrib to chew, as in sections built from beeswax foundation.

I have little knowledge of cassette sections, so I am relying on information gleaned from others. If there is any further information or to correct any errors I have made, please email me.

Roger Patterson.

Page created 20/11/2022