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Rear Elevation of the CDB Bee Hive


Rear Elevation of the CDB Hive

The drawing on this page and the other CDB hive part pages is of similar flavour and style to the original, draughtsman produced drawing, whilst at the same time improving the clarity of presentation.

Imperial dimensions are used because the equipment was designed that way and the limits and fits were sorted out according to the Imperial timber dimensions. Metrication has not been attempted as to do so would require knowledge of the original designer's calculations (which are not available).

This view is very similar to the front elevation. The ventilation hole is shown with perforated zinc covering it, but many examples have been found with double cone escapes like those that are shown on the front elevation.

The roof profile, Shown below, of many home constructed CDB hives was a simple "A" shape, constructed using narrow slats of random width butted together. These slats being covered with roofing felt or painted canvas forming a waterproof outer skin. Zinc sheeting and in some cases lead flashing have also been used as waterproof coverings.

Alternative roof profile for the CDB Hive, viewed from the rear