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Cosmetics Made From Hive Products

This page was generated at a time before the draconian rules, requiring that 'home made' products offered for sale had to be submitted for extensive testing, in a similar fashion to products manufactured by the cosmetic industry. I no longer manufacture any such products as the cost of testing would amount to more than my entire income for several years.

The cosmetics industry is founded on medieval unctions and potions often generated by monks and other healers. They used the ingredients that they had to hand or were readily available and included all the products of the bee hive.

The items listed here did not seek to rival the products of the modern cosmetic industry, but were a step back in time to when quality was more important than quantity.

They may be old fashioned, but they were good enough for our grandmothers' generation and there may be some subtle benefits in their use that the modern pharmacological institutions have dismissed in their search for ever increasing profit.